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    Long Beach, New York

    Long Beach is one of the older, more established communities on Long Island. Founded in 1880 when the first Long beach hotel was built, it continued to grow at a steady pace (the railroad arrived in 1882 promoting Long Beach as a resort community for vacationers). The major attraction in its development was the fact that Long Beach is an oceanfront island along
    Long Island’s south shore which has a moderating effect on its climate. Long beach averages 10 degrees warmer in the winter and 10 degrees cooler in the summer than inland communities on Long Island and New York City. With the ocean on one side and the bay on the other, Long beach developed as a seaside community.

    The City of Long Beach is one of only two cities on Long Island (the other is Glen Cove.) Although geographically within the Town of Hempstead located in Nassau County, Long Beach is politically independent and self-governing.

    The City of Long Beach has a population of about 35,000 persons with over 4,000 children attending Long beach schools. Its two major downtown shopping areas along Park Avenue and West Beech Street are a hub of activity supported by the strong Long beach Chamber of Commerce, in existence for over six decades.

    The bayside of the community is lined with homes and private docks. Waterfront homes can also be found in an area called the Canals. Man-made extensions were created when canals were dug connecting areas of Long Beach to the bay. In fact no home is more than a few hundred yards from the water as Long beach is ½ mile wide at its widest point.

    In terms of housing, Long Beach offers one of the widest ranges of living styles on long island. New condominiums which include all kinds of self-contained recreational facilities are springing up along a portion of the oceanfront. New homes embodying the latest architectural designs can be seen along with the older gracious dwellings, many of which were built between 1908 & 1930. Older smaller homes are also to be found throughout the island, which once were seasonal summer homes, but now serve as year round residences. Much of Long beach is going through revitalization and redevelopment. Part of the downtown commercial shopping area along Park Avenue underwent a beautiful facelift including restoration of the historic train station and the addition of many new shops and restaurants. Long beach is also going through a housing boom as older buildings are being replaced or reconstructed into new modern residences both along the shore and throughout the inland parts of the City.

    Long Beach is abundant in natural beauty – from the sparkling white beaches and bright beautiful waves to the peaceful serenity of the bayfront. But there’s a brilliantly colorful side of the city as well – the dazzling public gardens that line the streets.

    Note:  By 2018, hundreds of millions of federal, state and local grant monies have stabilized, restored, improved and energized our barrier beach to the new jewel on the South Shore.  We are where everyone wants to be!

    *Excerpted from Relocate-America.com’s 2005 list of “America’s Top 100 Places to Live”! Long Beach, New York was ranked #2.

    Long Island Rail Road – LIRR Train Schedule

    MTA Bus – MTA Bus Schedule
    Long Beach Independent Taxi
    (516) 432-5200 / (516) 431-5200 / (516) 889-5200
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    Around Long Beach
    The City of Long Beach
    Historical Photos of Long Beach
    Chamber of Commerce
    Long Beach
    1 West Chester Street, Long Beach
    (516) 431-1000
    Lido Beach
    See “Town of Hempstead”
    Atlantic Beach
    65 The Plaza, Atlantic Beach
    (516) 371-4600
    Point Lookout
    See “Town of Hempstead”
    Island Park
    127 Long Beach Road, Island Park
    (516) 431-0600
    Town of Hempstead
    1 Washington Street, Hempstead
    (516) 489-5000
    Nassau County
    240 Old Country Road, Mineola
    (516) 571-6000
    NY Times

    Real Estate Book
    Long Beach Herald
    Yellow Book
    Public Schools
    Long Beach City School District

    Administration – 235 Lido Blvd., Lido Beach, NY
    (516) 897-2184

    322 Blackheath Rd., Lido Beach, NY
    (516) 897-2081

    East Elementary School (K-5)
    456 Neptune Blvd., Long Beach, NY
    (516) 897-2184

    Lido Elementary School (K-5)
    237 Lido Blvd., Lido Beach, NY
    (516) 897-2140

    Lindell Boulevard School (K-5)
    601 Lindell Blvd., Long Beach, NY
    (516) 897-2215

    West Elementary School (K-5)
    91 Maryland Ave., Long Beach, NY
    (516) 897-2215

    Long Beach Middle School (6-8)
    239 Lido Blvd., Lido Beach, NY
    (516) 897-2162

    Long Beach Senior High School (9-12)
    322 Lagoon Dr. W, Lido Beach, NY
    (516) 897-2012

    Island Park Schools
    Administration – 150 Trafalgar Blvd., Island Park, NY
    (516) 431-8100

    Francis X Hegarty School (Pre K-4)
    100 Radcliffe Rd., Island Park, NY
    (516) 431-4740

    Lincoln Orens Middle School(5-8)
    150 Trafalgar Blvd., Island Park, NY
    (516) 431-7194

    Parochial & Non-Public
    Harriet Eisman Community School (9-12)
    26 West Park Ave., Long Beach
    (516) 889-2332

    Hebrew Academy of Long Beach (1-8)
    530 W Broadway, Long Beach
    (516) 432-8285

    Long Beach Catholic Regional School (Pre K-8)
    735 W Broadway, Long Beach
    (516) 432-8900

    Mesivta of Long Beach (9-12)
    205 W. Beech Street
    (516) 255-4700

    Long Beach Public Library
    111 W Park Ave., Long Beach
    (516) 432-7201
    Island Park Public Library
    176 Long Beach Rd., Island Park
    (516) 432-0122
    Colleges & Universities
    Nassau Community College
    1 Education Drive, Garden City, NY
    (516) 572-7501
    Hofstra University College
    1000 Fulton Ave., Hempstead, NY
    (516) 463-6600
    Adelphi University
    1 South Ave., Garden City, NY
    Molloy College
    1000 Hempstead Ave., Rockville Centre
    Beth Shalom
    700 E Park Ave., Long Beach, NY
    (516) 432-7464
    Lido Beach Synagogue
    1 Fairway Rd., Lido Beach, NY
    (516) 889-9650
    Temple Bethel of Long Beach
    570 W Walnut St., Long Beach, NY
    (516) 432-1678
    Temple Israel of Long Beach
    305 Riverside Blvd., Long Beach, NY
    (516) 432-1410
    Temple Zion
    62 Maryland Ave., Long Beach, NY
    (516) 432-5657
    Young Israel of Long Beach
    120 Long Beach Rd., Long Beach, NY
    (516) 431-2404
    St Mary’s of the Isle
    315 E Walnut, Long Beach NY
    (516) 431-5210
    Peoples Church of Long Beach
    111 Delaware Ave., Long Beach, NY
    (516) 432-0392
    St. James of Jerusalem Episcopal Church
    220 W Penn St., Long Beach, NY
    (516) 432-1080
    St. Ignatius Martyr Roman Catholic Church
    721 W Broadway, Long Beach, NY
    ( 516) 432-0045
    Cruzada Evangelico Missionary Church
    265 Long Beach Rd., Long Beach, NY
    (516) 431-7122
    Christian Light Baptist Church
    620 Park Plaza, Long Beach, NY
    (516) 432-7477
    St. Johns Lutheran Church by the Sea
    E Olive & Riverside Blvd, Long Beach, NY
    (516) 432-7771
    Houses of Worship Island Park
    Island Park United Methodist Church
    364 Long Beach Rd., Island Park, NY
    (516) 431-1983
    Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church
    301 Long Beach Road, Island Park, NY
    (516) 432-0655
    Panaghia of Island Park Greek Orthodox Church
    79 Newport Rd., Island Park, NY
    (516) 432-4086
    Funeral Homes
    Christopher T. Jordon Funeral Home Inc. 
    302 Long Beach Road
    Island Park, NY
    (516) 431-2900
    Macken Mortuary
    3930 Long Beach Rd.
    Island Park, NY – 11558
    (516) 431-7800
    Towers Funeral Home
    2681 Long Beach Rd.
    Oceanside, NY
    (516) 766-0425
    Vanella’s Funeral Chapel
    2860 Long Beach Rd.
    Oceanside, NY
    (516) 766-4424
    175 Long Beach Rd.
    Rockville Centre, NY
    (516) 764-9400
    Area Hospitals
    Long Beach Emergency Department
    325 E. Bay Drive, Long Beach , NY
    (516) 870-1010
    Long Island Jewish Medical Center
    270-05 76th Ave., New Hyde Park , NY
    (718) 470-7000
    Mercy Medical Center
    100 N. Vilage Ave., Rockville Centre, NY
    (516) 705-2525
    Nassau University Medical Center
    2201 Hempstead Tpke, East Meadow, NY
    (516) 572-0123
    North Shore University Hospital
    300 Community Dr., Manhasset, NY
    (516) 562-0100
    St. Francis Hospital
    100 Port Washington Blvd., Roslyn, NY
    (516) 562-6000
    South Nassau Communities Hospital
    1 Healthy way, Oceanside, NY
    (516) 632-3000
    Winthrop University Hospital
    259 1st St., Mineola, NY
    (516) 663-0333
    Area Restaurants
    Swingbellys Beechside BBQ
    909 W. Beech St., Long Beach, NY
    (516) 431-3464The Bungalow
    631 E. Park, Long Beach, NY
    (516) 897-7447

    Grotto Di Fuoco
    960 W Beech St., Long Beach, NY
    (516) 432-2717

    Jimmy Hays Filet Mignon
    4310 Austin Blvd, Island Park, NY
    (516) 432-5155

    Lambrou’s Catering
    4073 Austin Blvd., Island Park, NY
    (516) 889-3525

    Outback Steakhouse
    3939 Long Beach Rd, Island Park, NY
    (516) 897-8989

    Diner by the Sea
    260 E. Park Ave., Long Beach, NY
    (516) 431-2233

    Laurel Luncheonette
    300 W. Park Ave., Long Beach, NY
    (516) 432-7728

    16 W. Park Ave., Long Beach, NY
    (516) 432-8193

    Mio Posto
    777 W. Beech St.
    Long Beach, NY
    (516) 208-8029

    Brixx & Barley
    152 W. Park Ave.
    Long Beach, NY
    (516) 889-3366

    Olive Oils
    28 A Lido Blvd.
    Point Lookout, NY
    (516) 432-0000

    Steven’s Pasta
    150 E. Park Ave.
    Long Beach, NY
    (516) 992-8400

    Kosher Deli
    641 E. Park Ave., Long Beach, NY
    (516) 431-4411

    116 E. Park Ave., Long Beach, NY
    (516) 431-4768

    Kam Sheng
    238 W. Park Ave., Long Beach, NY
    (516) 889-2266

    Kawasaki Japanese Steakhouse
    22 E. Park Ave., Long Beach, NY
    (516) 889-6699

    Nagahama Japanese
    69 E. Park Ave., Long Beach, NY
    (516) 4332-6446

    Shogun Hibachi
    4556 Austin Blvd., Island Park, NY
    (516) 889-8866

    Yummy Yummy
    153 E. Park Ave., Long Beach, NY
    (516) 897-9872

    Billy’s Beach Café
    222 W. Park Ave., Long Beach, NY
    (516) 889-2233

    Bridgeview Yacht Club
    80 Waterfront Blvd., Island Park, NY
    (516) 432-2400

    Junction Sports Grill
    20 W. Park Ave., Long Beach, NY
    (516) 431-4000

    John Henry’s American Pub
    150 E. Park Ave., Long Beach, NY
    (516) 897-9551

    The Inn
    943 W. Beech St., Long Beach, NY
    (516) 432-9220

    959 W. Beech St., Long Beach, NY
    (516) 432-4080

    JJ Coopers
    124 W. Park Ave., Long Beach, NY
    (516) 431-3133

    180 W. Park Ave., Long Beach, NY
    (516) 431-2044

    Fisherman’s Catch
    111 Bayside Dr., Point Lookout, NY
    (516) 670-9717

    Peters Clam House
    608 Long Beach Rd., Island Park, NY
    (516) 432-0505

    Point Lookout Clam Bar
    99 Bayside Dr., Point Lookout, NY
    (516) 897-4024

    Whale’s Tale Seafood Chowder House
    916 W. Beech St., Long Beach, NY
    (516) 432-9587

    Pancho’s Cantina
    4245 Austin Blvd., Island Park, NY
    (516) 897-8888

    Movie Theaters
    Clearview Grand Avenue Cinemas
    1849 Grand Ave.
    (516) 223-2323
    Garden City
    Lowes Cineplex Entertainment at
    Roosevelt Field Shipping Center
    (516) 741-5400
    Long Beach
    Long Beach Cinema 4
    179 E Park Ave
    (516) 431-2400
    United Artists Lynbrook Theatre
    321 Merrick Rd.
    (516) 593-1033
    Malverne Cinema
    350 Hempstead Ave
    (516) 599-6966
    Merrick Cinemas
    Broadcast Plaza (Across from Rail)
    (516) 623-1177
    Rockville Centre
    Loews Cineplex Fantasy Theatre
    18 North Park Ave
    (516) 764-8240|
    Loews Cineplex Raceway Theatre
    1025 Corporate Dr.
    (516) 745-6633
    Parks & Recreation in the Surrounding Area
    Long Beach
    Tennis Courts
    Long Beach
    Beachfront Playground
    Long Beach
    Recreation Center
    Long Beach
    Long Beach
    Beachfront Park
    Long Beach
    Playground (West End)

    City of Long Beach                                                      (516) 431-3890

    • Playground (Canals) – Clark St.
    • Tennis Courts – Monroe Blvd
    • Beachfront Playground – Magnolia Blvd
    • Recreation Center (Veteran’s Memorial) – Bayfront & Magnolia Blvd.
      • Pool/Ice Arena/Gazebo/Ball fields
      • Boat Ramp/Fishing Pier
    • Playground (West End) – Georgia Ave.
    • Beach Front Park – National Blvd.
    Island Park
    Shell Creek Park
    Atlantic Beach
    Scott Drive
    East Atlantic
    Beach Park
    Atlantic Beach
    Veterans Memorial Park
    Lido Beach Town Park
    Town Park at Malibu
    Town Park at Sands

    Town Park at Lido Beach West

    Lido Golf Course
    Town Park at Point Lookout
    Point Lookout
    Little League
    Ball Field
    Point Lookout
    East Marina
    Lido Beach
    West Marina
    Nassau County
    Nickerson Beach

    Town of Hempstead                                                  (516) 546-4481

    • Camp Anchor – Lido Beach
    • East Atlantic Beach Park – East Atlantic Beach, (516) 432-2036
    • East Marina – Point Lookout
    • Harbor Isle Beach – Harbor Isle, (516) 432-5554
    • Lido Beach Town Park (Mushroom) – Lido Beach, (516) 431-6650
    • Lido Golf Course – Lido Beach, (516) 897-5436
    • Little League Ballfield – Point Lookout
    • Masone Beach – Island Park
    • Scott Drive – Atlantic Beach
    • Shell Creek Park (Barnum Island) – Island Park, (516) 431-6440
    • Town Park at Malibu – Lido Beach, (516) 670-1052
    • Town Park at Point Lookout – Point Lookout, (516) 431-3900
    • Town Park at Sands – Lido Beach, (516) 431-6910
    • Town Park at Lido Beach West – Lido Beach, (516) 432-0940
    • Veterans Memorial Park  – Atlantic Beach, (516) 432-2036
    • West Marina – Lido Beach

    Nassau County                                                             (516) 572-0200

    • Nickerson Beach Park – Lido Beach, (516) 571-7700

    Long Island State Parks

    • Jones Beach State Park – Wantagh, (516) 785-1600
    John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)
    (718) 244-4444
    LaGuardia Airport (LGA)
    (718) 533-3400
    Long Island MacArthur Airport (ISP)
    (631) 467-3210
    Newark-Liberty International Airport (EWR)
    Ferry Service
    Bridgeport – Port Jefferson Steamboat Company
    Port Jefferson to Bridgeport, CT
    Cross Sound Ferry
    Orient Point to New London, CT
    Fire Island
    Davis Park Ferry Company
    Patchogue to Davis Park & Watch Hill
    Fire Island Ferries
    Bay Shore to Ocean Beach,
    Ocean Bay Park, Fair Harbor,
    Kismet, Seaview, Saltaire, Dunewood
    & Atlantique